Friends of Vjosa meeting in support of the Vjosa National Park Now campaign

Tirana, 19 February 2021. The next friends of Vjosa meeting took place at the “Tulla Culture  Center” in Tirana. Vjosa’s loyal friends were present at this meeting which will serve the “Save the Blue Heart of Europe” campaign’s team to raise the topic of Vjosa as an important issue during the central government election campaign.

Their concrete engagement will be in the action that will be organized by EcoAlbania in Tirana within the campaign “Vjosa National Park Now” as well as through media articles or questions addressed to the three leaders of the main political parties in the country. The purpose of these direct questions focused on the vision that leaders have for the protection and development of the Vjosa Valley, is to document their promises for the Vjosa. Promises that could be monitored after the election as a form of accountability by the future government.

Friends of Vjosa Meetings are periodic meetings (2-3 per year) organized by EcoAlbania with friends and supporters of the Vjosa River, who come from different walks of life but share the same purpose: the protection of the Vjosa River and the proclamation of the Vjosa National Park.