Traces of Science in Nature: Biodiversity and Noise Pollution

January 31, 2024, Dukat. Pupils in the sixth grade at “Hasan Mëhilli” School in Dukat embarked on a journey of discovery aimed at understanding and tackling environmental challenges, with a specific focus on noise pollution and biodiversity monitoring.

Noise pollution, often underestimated yet profoundly affecting the environment, took center stage during their environmental studies After familiarizing themselves with specialized equipment for measuring noise pollution, measurements were conducted in the school environment to assess noise pollution levels. Findings revealed that the noise level was not only concerning for their daily lives but also revealed noticeable impacts on the quality of learning within their school environment.

Shifting their attention to biodiversity monitoring, the pupils emphasized the importance of preserving and documenting the diverse array of species inhabiting their surroundings. Utilizing trail cameras, they gained insights into the collection of animal data within their habitats, capturing behaviors and interactions of both large and small creatures.

These hands-on activities underscored the significance of seemingly minor actions, such as reducing noise pollution or establishing safe habitats for wildlife, in fostering the well-being of both humans and the environment.