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CategoriesReports Vjosa Campaign – an inspiration for activism in Albania

Practical Manual for Understanding and using Environmental Law

Albania’s measures to prevent the deterioration of the environment and to respond to environmental change have been increasingly driven by commitments under multilateral environmental agreements on the one hand, but also by domestic needs on the other. This requires government officials not only to understand how to implement existing international commitments but also how to […]

CategoriesReports Vjosa Campaign – an inspiration for activism in Albania

Media Relations Guidebook for Civil Society

The democratic public policy decision-making process relies on an informed, educated, and engaged public. Academic experts, government officials, businesses, financial analysts, participants in a specific event, and – most importantly for this guidebook – volunteer non-profit civic groups, often known as non-governmental organizations and civil society actors, provide information to the media. This guidebook takes […]


Manual for information and monitoring of environmental indicators

What is this “manual”? “Manual for information on the state of the environment and monitoring of environmental indicators” is a basic manual for the implementation of community activities for environmental monitoring and the distribution of information to the public. It will help individuals and CSOs operating in the field of the environment for community involvement […]


The study is presented: Management of environmental information in Albania

Tirana, November 13, 2018. EcoAlbania organized the open meeting on the topic “The importance of conveying environmental information for an active citizen” during which he presented the study “Environmental Information Management in Albania”. Attendees, environmental CSOs, journalists, students, representatives of state institutions, etc. were introduced to the analysis of the legal framework and the management […]


The challenges of citizen initiatives towards environmental causes. Concerns brought about by experience and efforts to date

Environmental causes in Albania have a short history compared to other European countries for reasons closely related to political and socio-economic factors. However, the progress made in raising these causes, especially by civil society organizations, is to be appreciated. The environment is often not included in financial policies and is considered as something without a […]