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Coastal erosion threatens the coastline in Vlorë, Durrës and Lezhë cities

Marine erosion is the advancement of land towards the sea. This phenomenon is a natural process which can be impacted by many secondary factors such as climate change. Coastal erosion is also accelerated by human activities such as deforestation or urbanization. The consequences of erosion have a long-term impact on lagoon and marine ecosystems. It […]

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Biodiversity and its problems on the Albanian coast

Albania has significantly expanded the extension of its network of protected areas to 18% of the total land area of the country. The network dates back to the 1960s, when the first protected areas were announced, consisting mainly of small forest areas. After the 2000s, this network expanded significantly to fulfill the purpose of creating oases […]


Mapping of environmental issues along the Albanian coast

Albania’s coastline stretches 316 km from Shkodra to Konispol and is the country’s most valuable asset, as well as being home to over 13% of the country’s human population. Economic, geopolitical and touristic development of the coastal belt is of strategic and national importance for the country. However, the area suffers from a range of […]