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CategoriesActivities ACTIVE II – Community Engagement – Indicator of Integration in Decision-making

Local forums continue in the framework of the promotion of the civil environmental legal initiative – The second meeting is held in Tepelena

Following the lobbying and advocacy activity for the improvement of the legislation for HPP concessions in Albania, EcoAlbania has continued with the development of local forums. On June 23, 2018, the second meeting was held in Tepelën, with the participation of local environmental organizations, environmental experts, representatives of Tepelën and Memaliaj Municipalities, DRM Gjirokastër, Gjirokastër […]

CategoriesIn Media

The media reports: Conference “The path to the protection of the Vjosa river and challenges for the future”

At the press conference, organized by EcoAlbania in Tirana, the issue of HPPs in the Vjosa River was discussed. Many supporters and experts for the protection of the river took part in the conference, but there were also residents of the areas affected by the construction of HPPs. Residents expressed their concerns about these plans, […]

CategoriesPress Release

The journey for Vjosa river’s protection and the challenge for the future – brings together experts and civil society.

Press release by EcoAlbania A big number of actors for the protection of Vjosa came together today in a conference organized by EcoAlbania in Tirana, where they discussed the problematic of hydro-powers construction in Vjosa and the importance of affected communities participation in the decision-making process. Up to now the journey for the protection of […]


The challenges of citizen initiatives towards environmental causes. Concerns brought about by experience and efforts to date

Environmental causes in Albania have a short history compared to other European countries for reasons closely related to political and socio-economic factors. However, the progress made in raising these causes, especially by civil society organizations, is to be appreciated. The environment is often not included in financial policies and is considered as something without a […]