The Vjosa River is declared a National Park

The first park of a wild river in Europe protects over 400 km of river system, which includes the river Vjosa from the border with Greece to the mouth in the Adriatic, as well as the free-flowing tributaries: Bënça, Shushica and Drino.

For a friendly coexistence with nature

The center for Protection of the Natural Ecosystems in Albania (EcoAlbania) is a non-governmental environmental organization. It was created on 15th of December 2014…


EcoAlbania works to strengthen the friendly coexistence of man and nature in Albania


All organization’s activities are carried out by a dedicated and specialized team of professionals (i.e. biologists, field technicians, media officers) with the help of numerous volunteers.

Where we work

Our work is mainly focused within the Albanian territory, but it can be expanded in the neighboring countries to implement cross-bordering projects in collaboration with our existing or new partners.


Protect the natural ecosystems and their ecological interactions through the protection of the wildlife and their habitats with the belief that the use of the renewable natural sources should be sustainable for the human wellbeing in the country.

Preservation of natural ecosystems for future generations.

All our efforts to preserve natural ecosystems, species and their habitats, are in function of ensuring the natural heritage for generations to come. Your support helps us to continue the non-stop work to advocate and lobby for nature in Albania.

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Be the Force for the Future

Volunteers help us make sure our work is effective and has the right impact. As a volunteer, you will be involved in our activities, projects and initiatives and gain knowledge, experience and the satisfaction of working with a motivated group.