Engaging Environmental Education Session Empowers Students from “Xhevdet Doda” School in Bulqiza

Bulqizë, February 6th, 2023. A group of 32 students from “Xhevdet Doda” school embarked on a helpful environmental education session in Bulqiza. Located in the northeastern region of Albania, Bulqiza is renowned for its chromite reserves and mining industry, making it a pertinent location for both theoretical and practical discussions on environmental education. These discussions aimed to instill a sense of responsibility for environmental protection among the students.

Throughout our visit, students actively engaged in theoretical discussions exploring the multifaceted factors contributing to environmental pollution. From delving into the importance of biodiversity to examining sustainable practices, the students demonstrated a strong commitment to promoting eco-friendly solutions and raising awareness about environmental issues.

A highlight of the session was the hands-on creation of an anemometer, a device used to measure wind speed. This activity not only sparked the students’ scientific curiosity but also equipped them with valuable skills to understand and construct a tool capable of measuring a natural phenomenon. Following the completion of the anemometer, students eagerly tested it outside to measure the wind speed in Bulqiza. This practical application of their knowledge provided an invaluable real-life experience, allowing students to directly engage with their environment and apply their learning in a meaningful way.