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CategoriesReports MECA-Media and Environmental Cases in Albania

Evaluation report: Recognition and use of environmental law by local actors in Albania

This report presents an assessment of the knowledge of local actors in 6 districts (Kukës, Shkodër, Korçë, Elbasan, Gjirokastër, Vlorë) on the environmental law package. The findings provided and presented in the study provide detailed information from the implementation of activities from the project such as: the distribution of questionnaires on which they have helped to build the database and analyze the findings.

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The drying of turnips in Vjosa causes erosion

Turnip cancer or otherwise known by the scientific name Ceratocystis platani is a disease that has affected turnips in Albania, leading to the drying of turnips in our country. The deformed appearance of the tree indicates that they are already infected and it takes a short period of time for those trees to completely dry […]

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Lake Fierza suffers the consequences of mismanagement of waste inside and outside the border

In the early hours of the morning, near the urban waste dump in the area of Mamëzi, Kukës, a man enters through the open entrance, as the waste is spread everywhere. The landfill, located a few meters away from the Fierza lake, is surrounded only on the side of the road by a concrete wall, while the rest of it is open, which enables the free fall of plastic and other waste directly into the lake.