The Steering Committee of ESPID4Vjosa held its third meeting regarding the progress of the project

1.	Gjatë prezantimit të progresit të projektit EU4Rivers. (c) A.Hasani/ EcoAlbania

Tirana, February 20, 2023: For the third consecutive year, the Members of the Steering Committee of the ESPID4Vjosa Project convened to assess the progress and achievements of the project during the year 2023, as well as to present the plans and activities of the project for 2024. Valuable information was also exchanged regarding parallel projects: the drafting of the management plan for the Vjosa Wild River National Park and the drafting of the Integrated Water Basin Management Plan for the Vjosa River Basin.

It is worth recalling that the Steering Committee of the project consists of: the Austrian Development Agency, EuroNatur/EcoAlbania, the Agency for Water Resources Management, the Ministry of Tourism and Environment (NAPA, RAPA, NEA, REA); BOKU University, University of Tirana, University of Vienna, and the Vjosa River Basin Council.

The first session of the meeting focused on updates of the ESPID4Vjosa project. Members discussed the current progress of the project and identified the challenges and successes during this period. Discussions were centered on improving the efficiency of project implementation and the appropriateness of actions taken to achieve the project’s objectives.

The second session of the meeting provided significant updates regarding the current situation in the Vjosa River. Discussions focused on two main issues:

  • Establishing the Vjosa National Park and directing the process of drafting the Integrated Management Plan of the Vjosa River National Park.
  • Developing two joint projects: VjoSusDev and EU4Rivers, which are being implemented simultaneously in the Vjosa River area. Members were briefed on the progress of these projects and expressed concerns and opportunities arising from them.

Among other things, particular emphasis was placed on the importance of continuing cross-border institutional exchange between the two states along the Vjosa/Aoos River.

Following the fruitful discussions, the Steering Committee of the ESPID4Vjosa Project reached a consensus to focus their efforts in 2024 on achieving the project’s goals, improving cooperation, and addressing new challenges that may arise during project implementation.