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The third exchange visit between representatives of institutions and NGOs from Greece and Albania on the governance and management of the Vjosa/Aoos river basin.

Asprangeloi, Municipality of Zagori, Greece, 04.06.2024. The third bilateral visit between Albania and Greece was held this time in the Municipality of Zagori, Asprangeloi in Greece, where there was a high interest in participation and exchange from local institutions of both countries. Representatives from local institutions of both states took part in a deep discussion […]

CategoriesESPID4Vjosa News

The 2nd round of workshops takes place in the framework of the ESPID4Vjosa project

May 21st -24th, 2024, Vlorë, Memaliaj, Këlcyrë, Dropull. After the workshops series carried out in the first round in 2023, the team of experts and the implementing NGOs of ESPID4Vjosa, continued with the second round of workshops with the local actors of Vjosa valley. These meetings serve as a crucial contribution to the improvement of […]

1.	Gjatë prezantimit të progresit të projektit EU4Rivers. (c) A.Hasani/ EcoAlbania CategoriesESPID4Vjosa News

The Steering Committee of ESPID4Vjosa held its third meeting regarding the progress of the project

Tirana, February 20, 2023: For the third consecutive year, the Members of the Steering Committee of the ESPID4Vjosa Project convened to assess the progress and achievements of the project during the year 2023, as well as to present the plans and activities of the project for 2024. Valuable information was also exchanged regarding parallel projects: […]


Enhancing Local Collaboration: CSO-s in Protecting the Vjosa River

Vlorë, January 29, 2024. Representatives of local CSOs from the Vjosa River basin gathered at the third workshop of the Vjosa River Basin Civil Society Network (RRSHCV) with the aim of strengthening and expanding their capacities. Furthermore, the development of this workshop aims to enhance their organizational skills and advocacy in the decision-making, protection, management, […]

CategoriesESPID4Vjosa News

Discussion table between Institutions and Civil Society on the Integrated Management of the Vjosa River Basin

Tirana, November 20, 2023. Representatives from the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Water Resources Management Agency, the Agricultural and Rural Development Agency, EuroNatur, and EcoAlbania gathered at the Center for Openness and Dialogue (COD, Prime Minister’s Office) for a joint discussion on the integrated management of the Vjosa River Basin. […]

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Vjosa Basin Sustainability: A Comprehensive Water Resource Managment Guide

A comprehensive water resource managment guide View & Download A holistic guide to effective water resource management in the Viosa Basin. This booklet covers seven significant topics, including flood and flood risk management, climate change, water supply and waste water treatment, ecotourism, protected areas,natural resources, and hydroenergy. A general overview, insights into the legal framework, […]