Manual for information and monitoring of environmental indicators

What is this “manual”?

“Manual for information on the state of the environment and monitoring of environmental indicators” is a basic manual for the implementation of community activities for environmental monitoring and the distribution of information to the public. It will help individuals and CSOs operating in the field of the environment for community involvement in monitoring activities. Citizens must have the opportunity to receive updated and understandable information about the state of the environment where they live. They should be increasingly included as an integral part of the environmental information production and management cycle. The purpose of this practical manual is to encourage environmental monitoring and the search for information by citizens on the state of the environment, making them aware of their role and contribution in environmental protection.

The manual contains 3 parts:


For more, find the manual( in Albanian)

This manual was produced within the project “Environmental information for an active citizen” and is financially supported by the Swedish Embassy through the SENIOR III program implemented by the Regional Environmental Center – REC Albania.