Study: Management of environmental information in Albania

In this study, an analysis was carried out regarding the monitoring and management of environmental information at the local and central level, focusing on the one generated by the Report on the State of the Environment in Albania. The analysis of the drafting process of the RGjMSh and the framework on which it is drafted and evaluated aims to highlight its positive values on the one hand and the shortcomings and weak points on the other hand, which will serve the institutions in the future for improving the management of environmental information produced, especially in terms of communicating it to the public.
The study is divided into 3 main pillars:

1.Historical analysis of the legal framework for environmental information focusing on RGjMSh;

2.Analysis of the State of the Environment Report in Albania;

3.Analysis of environmental information communication in RGjMSh.

For more, find the study(in Albanian)

This report was produced within the project “Environmental information for an active citizen” and is financially supported by the Swedish Embassy through the SENIOR III program implemented by the Regional Center for the Environment – REC Albania.