Fostering Environmental Consciousness: Students from Dëshmorët e Prishtinës in School, Shkodër, Empowered as Environmental Advocates

On January 31, 2024, ten students from “Dëshmorët e Prishtinës” School in Shkodër embarked on an enlightening journey to understand the pollutants affecting our air, water, and soil. The focus was on the urgent need to safeguard ecosystems and wildlife, instilling a sense of responsibility for environmental conservation.

Through a blend of theoretical insights and hands-on experiences, this activity aimed to raise awareness among students about the vital importance of environmental preservation. In one captivating experiment, the impact of carbon dioxide on the atmosphere was visually demonstrated through the creation of CO2 bubbles. This practical demonstration not only sparked curiosity but also underscored the significance of taking proactive measures to address environmental challenges.

Moreover, the session highlighted practical actions that individuals can take, such as recycling and responsible waste management. These seemingly small efforts carry immense weight in the realm of environmental protection and ecosystem conservation.