Celebrating World Wetlands Day: Constructing a “Mini-Wetland” with Students from “Emin Duraku” School

In the frame of World Wetlands Day on February 2nd, 2024, twenty students from “Emin Duraku” school in Tirana participated in an educational environmental activity aimed at expanding their knowledge of wetlands and deepening their understanding of their significance by constructing a miniature wetland.

The activity commenced with a discussion on wetland formation, delving into the processes involved and their crucial role in mitigating phenomena such as floods, while also supporting ecosystems and biodiversity. Using a plastic bottle, the students crafted a scaled-down version of a wetland, offering them a hands-on experience of its structure and function.

To underscore the diverse and vital biodiversity associated with wetlands, the students also created a paper model of a flamingo, symbolizing the presence of this bird species in Albanian territory, particularly in the Narta lagoon.