World Environmental Education Day: Creating Bird Feeders with Students from Reshit Hyseni School in Zogaj, Shkodër

On January 26, 2024, on World Environmental Education Day, a group of 10 children from the 9-year “Reshit Hyseni” School in Zogaj, Shkodër, participated in an activity organized as part of the Environmental Education project. During the session with the children was discussed about the importance of environmental protection, the factors affecting it, and the activity ended with the construction of a bird feeder with seeds.

The awareness-raising activity began with the explanation of environmental pollutants and the proper disposal of waste. With the aim of assisting local fauna, the activity continued with the construction of bird feeders using recyclable materials. By cleverly using plastic materials, the goal was to change the perception of plastic from a polluting source to a beneficial resource for the environment.

The seed-filled feeders were placed on trees around the school to help our feathered friends during the difficult winter months when finding food can be challenging. The Shkodër area is known for its rich biodiversity, especially for the variety of birds found there.