Establishment of the Steering Committee of the ESPID4Vjosa project

On July 18 2022, the first Steering Committee meeting was organized in order to introduce the members of this Committee to specify the composition and role of the Project Steering Committee and to determine the frequency of meetings. Moreover, the meeting aimed to present the first draft of the Rules of Procedure to the Steering Committee members.

The Steering Committee of the project decided on the rules and procedures to be followed by it as the governing body of the overall monitoring of the project. The steering committee meets annually with the aim of discussing the annual progress of the ESPID4Vjosa project and the work plan for the next phase of the project.

During the first Steering Committee meeting. (c) B. Guri/EcoAlbania

This structure was established based on a memorandum of understanding that was signed by all members. The Steering Committee consists of: Austrian Development Agency, EuroNatur/EcoAlbania, Water Resources Management Agency, Ministry of Tourism and Environment (NAPA, RAPAs, NEA, REAs); BOKU University, University of Tirana, University of Vienna and Vjosa River Basin Council.

During the meeting, the three projects (ESPID4Vjosa, VjoSusDev and EUSIWM) that are financed by the Austrian Development Agency and implemented in the Vjosa basin were presented. It was also decided that the draft Rules of Procedure would be sent electronically to all members to send their comments and suggestions so that the document could be finalized, while the ESPID4Vjosa project team would build a work plan for the next phase of the project.