The report from i_D gives voice to the communities that are fighting for the protection of Vjosa

Communities, local businesses, activists, and scientist, all come together claiming a unique goal “To Protect the Last Wild River in Europe, Vjosa River”

In June 2022, we had the pleasure of accompanying i-D magazine along the Vjosa valley, taking the testimonies of people who have been engaged in the protection of Vjosa for years. In i-D’s reportage, the voices of communities, local businesses, activists, and scientists appear, sharing facts and their emotions related to Vjosa.

Also, the voice of young people has not been missed, thus extending Vjosa in the memories of different generations. Love and care for this river have been passed down from generation to generation, just like traditions. During the interviews, we witnessed how the father, who is passionate about adventure and river sports, has passed the same passion on to his daughter, and how she considers Vjosa as a member of the family, making this triangle stronger.

On the other hand, the activists who have engaged in this issue show the continuous actions, the battle, and the achievements in this great campaign, but also focusing on personal experiences. Vjosa is a unique river of its kind and this uniqueness has created a strong connection even with those activists who have not lived with it every day.

Scientists have been very engaged in this battle giving their contributions. Vjosa is a very suitable habitat for different species and has attracted the attention of scientists and students of European universities.

The experience of these four days in Vjosa was also published in “much better adventures”, where the author Hannah Bailey describes her journey in detail.

Finally, on June 13, 2022, we are enjoying the fruits of continuous efforts, the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and Patagonia signed the Memorandum of Cooperation for the declaration of Vjosa National Park.