Environmental Education at “Ndrec Ndue Gjoka” School, Fan, Mirdita

Mirditë, May 2nd, 2024. This time, our environmental education efforts brought us to the students of “Ndrec Ndue Gjoka” School in Fan, Mirdita.

Engaging Discussions on Air, Water, and Soil

During this session, the children discussed and shared their thoughts on the importance of Air, Water, and Soil. They explored the main problems affecting these essential elements, such as human-induced and natural pollution. The students brainstormed ways they could individually help reduce these pollutions and the collective impact if everyone worked together to protect our environment.

Principles of Recycling, Reusing, Reducing, and Renewing

Another topic of discussion was the principles of recycling, reusing, reducing, and renewing. The enthusiastic students shared how they reused plastic bags and opted for environmentally friendly cloth bags. This part of the session emphasized the importance of sustainable practices in their daily lives.

Hands-On Experiment on Aerodynamics

In addition to the discussions, the students participated in a simple yet fascinating experiment. They created a balloon using a paper cup and a balloon to demonstrate a principle of aerodynamics. This experiment was an excellent way to observe how air escaping from the balloon propels the cup in the opposite direction. The students, excited and engaged, successfully achieved the experiment’s goal, gaining a hands-on understanding of scientific concepts.

These activities at “Ndrec Ndue Gjoka” School not only enhanced the students’ knowledge about environmental issues but also empowered them to take practical steps towards a sustainable future. The combination of theoretical discussions and practical experiments made the learning experience both informative and enjoyable.

A special thanks to the dedicated staff of “Ndrec Ndue Gjoka” School for facilitating this enriching event and for their continuous efforts in promoting environmental awareness among students.