“We walk on Earth to restore greenery” Pupils in Gramsh with messages for environmental protection.

Gramsh, April 29th, 2024. Pupils from the 9-year school “Rilindja” in Gramsh became part of discussions about the foundational components of a sustainable ecosystem, as well as the factors influencing its pollution. Experiments were also conducted to expand their knowledge regarding air components, such as oxygen and carbon dioxide.

The initial experiment focused on the chemical reaction between vinegar (acetic acid) and baking soda (sodium bicarbonate). Within the neck of a vinegar-filled bottle, a balloon filled with baking soda was placed. Pupils released the balloon, allowing the soda to blend with the vinegar, thereby triggering the production of carbon dioxide, which consequently inflated the balloon.

In the context of the second experiment, the objective was to extinguish a candle flame through the generation of carbon dioxide. This experiment involved positioning a lit candle within a Petri dish filled with water. Pupils then placed a chemical flask over the candle flame to extinguish it. However, attention was drawn to the increase in the water level inside the chemical flask, while the water in the Petri dish decreased, as a result of the pressure difference.

Throughout these experiments, pupils gleaned practical insights into environmental pollution. As a symbolic gesture of their dedication, they designed shirts adorned with conscientious messages aimed at fostering environmental protection and instigating positive change.