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CategoriesActivities Give voice to river protection

The battle against hydropower plants united communities across Albania

++ Concerned about their future residents seek support from organizations and lawyers ++ Tirana, September 29, 2020. Under the slogan “Give Voice to River Protection” EcoAlbania organized a conference in Tirana with participation of local communities affected by hydropower projects, lawyers and activists, in order to share their concerns about these projects and to be advised […]

CategoriesActivities Give voice to river protection

Representatives of the Administrative Unit Bicaj in Kukës stand against the hydropower plants

++ The approval for the construction of hydropower plants has not taken into account the opinion of the affected residents ++ Bicaj, 17 July 2020. The hydropower epidemic has not spared natural monuments and water resources in the Bicaj Administrative Unit in Kukës. Ongoing work on the construction of a hydropower plant inside Sheja’s Canyon and […]

CategoriesActivities Give voice to river protection

Residents of Xhaferraj village in Kukës determined to not allow the construction of HPPs

Xhaferaj, 03 July 2020. The next meeting for the protection of rivers was organized in Xhaferaj village, Municipality of Kukës. The meeting was attended by representatives of EcoAlbania, residents of Xhaferraj and Topojan villages, as well as nature activists. The discussion was focused on the permits approved for the construction of 5 new hydropower plants in […]

CategoriesActivities Give voice to river protection

Residents of Picar village in Tepelena oppose the construction of the hydropower plant

Picar, 28 June 2020. Representatives of EcoAlbania, invited by the residents of Picar village, organized a meeting to discuss about the hydropower plant that is planned to be built in this village, as well as the possibilities to oppose this project. Based on its experience with the Vjosa Valley protection campaign, EcoAlbania aims to support the […]

CategoriesActivities Give voice to river protection

Local community of Gur i Bardhë village against HPPs

June 12, 2020. Gur i Bardhë, Mat. Yesterday, local community of Gur i Bardhë village, Dibër Region, organized a protest to defend Mat River from the hydropower plants. EcoAlbania, as a supporter of the protest, discussed about HPPs impacts in this area and NGO’s representatives were ready to provide their specialized help and expertise. The projects […]

CategoriesReports Give voice to river protection

Guideline “River Protection Campaigning – The Vjosa Case”

Guideline “River Protection Campaigning” – Vjosa Case is based on the experience that EcoAlbania staff has built up within the frame of “Save the blue heart of Europe” campaign. It covers all aspects on how to: Aim of this guideline is mobilization of local communities and the public pressure, promoting engagement with sustainable management of […]