We recycle plastic bottles at the “Liria” 9th grade school in Shkodër

Shkodër, March 25th, 2024. With the students of “Liria” 9th grade school in Shkodër, the environmental education session was focused on the topic of “Recycling”. Discussions focused on growing urbanization and waste mismanagement, emphasizing the importance of waste segregation and practicing this measure in everyday life. To bring awareness on this issue to the students, creative and practical methods were used to understand the human impact on the environment.

Students were encouraged to reflect on the impact of their actions on the environment and their role in protecting nature. To put the concept of recycling into practice, they engaged in creative activities where they recycled plastic bottles and then painted them with nature landscapes. This creative action aimed to strengthen the awareness of students regarding the importance of preserving the environment and taking concrete actions to protect it.

The recycling activity was marked as an important step towards being more responsible for our environment. Through this experience, students were encouraged to actively participate in activities that promote sustainable practices and to care for the environment in innovative ways.