Educational Activity for the Environment at the “Xhemal Çekini” 9th grade school in Uznovë

Uznovë, Berat, March 22nd, 2024. The environmental education team moved to Uznovë, where it carried out the next lesson with the children of “Xhemal Çekini” 9th grade school. Divided into two sessions, the educational session dealt theoretically and interactively with important topics, such as: soil, air, water, waste ect., basic and necessary knowledge to raise awareness on environmental protection. In addition, through practical activity, they were motivated to reflect on their actions on the environment and their role as agents of change in sustainable practices promoting.

During the activity was discussed the daily phenomenon of environmental pollution and, were discussed the steps that could be taken to reduce it. Students were encouraged to identify their daily actions that could contribute to the deterioration of the quality of the environment and find ways to reduce negative impacts. This experience encouraged them to actively participate in the improvement of their close environment and to be part of a responsible community towards nature.

Also, to expand their understanding of various natural and scientific phenomena, the students experimented with balloons to learn more about static electricity. This practical experience of experimentation emerged as an effective tool to increase interest and promote scientific knowledge in an innovative and interactive way.