Top Channel: The HPP Epidemic

By Top Show / Top Channel

In the first part, hydropower plants in Valbona are discussed.

Valbona Valley will be subjected to HPPs. Over 25 km of the Valbona River, permits have been granted to build 14 HPPs – considered by civil society as investments against nature, 9 of them will be built within the national park area, which has been protected by law since 1996. It seems that their construction will not be as simple as the environmental permits that the concessionaires have received. 3 years ago, when the construction of the HEC tunnel started, the residents understood the illusions of the HEC that returns the water to the fields and started the protests.

In the second and third part, plans for the construction of hydropower plants in Vjosa are discussed.

Vjosa is the only free river from the source to the mouth, due to its natural state it is considered the last wild river in Europe. The 40 permits granted by the Albanian and Greek governments for the construction of HPPs in its 270 km have turned the issue of the Vjosa river into an issue that crosses the borders of the two countries. The large number of HPPs that are planned to be built on Albania’s rivers have also worried the European Parliament.

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