Young people are informed about innovations in solar and photovoltaic panels

EcoAlbania continues the implementation of the “Together – an eye for the environment” project. Already in its second phase, this project includes an education campaign with young people of various ages, fields of interest and professions on the topics of energy efficiency, energy saving, thermal insulation of buildings, as well as relevant legislation.

The students of the “Gjergj Canco” vocational high school conducted a study visit to the AL-NOBEL company, during which they had the opportunity to look closely at the solar and photovoltaic panels and some of the materials used for thermal insulation. During this visit, they got to know each other better. in detail with the operation of solar panels, their different models, technological innovations, as well as how to install panels in buildings of different heights. The company’s engineers explained to the students the methods used for thermal insulation of water plants in order to increase energy saving and efficiency.

Students during the study visit to the AL-NOBEL company. (c) I.Angoni

Photovoltaic panels took up another part of the study tour. Students were shown the composition of this type of panels. The technology of the solar cells located in them manages to capture the sunlight and turn it into electricity. Connections in the circuit, the injection of electricity into the network, the ability to produce electricity even during the hours without sunlight were other topics addressed.

The adaptation of the existing infrastructure to these new technologies such as solar and photovoltaic panels was of interest to the students. The possibility of their installation in existing buildings, the technical difficulties that they may encounter as future professionals and the economic facilities that come as a result of their use were at the center of the discussion between the students and the company’s engineers.

Students during discussions with the engineer of the AL-NOBEL company. (c) I. Angoni

EcoAlbania will continue the education campaign on the topics of energy efficiency, energy saving, diversification of energy sources with other young people from different fields of interest.

This activity was organized by EcoAlbania within the project “Together – an eye for the environment” and is financially supported by the Swedish Embassy through the SENiOR-II program implemented by the Regional Center for the Environment – REC Albania.