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Young people are informed about innovations in solar and photovoltaic panels

EcoAlbania continues the implementation of the “Together – an eye for the environment” project. Already in its second phase, this project includes an education campaign with young people of various ages, fields of interest and professions on the topics of energy efficiency, energy saving, thermal insulation of buildings, as well as relevant legislation. The students […]


STUDY: Assessment of energy performance in buildings through the concept of energy poverty in Tirana

This report on the assessment of energy performance in buildings in the city of Tirana is published after a research and evaluation work for 6 months. Its main purpose is to provide indicative information about the energy performance of the residential sector in ordinary households and those in economic difficulty, public and private institutions as […]


Energy efficiency brings construction businesses to the table

On Friday, December 15, 2017, EcoAlbania gathered representatives of construction businesses, the association of builders, representatives of central and local government, as well as experts in the field at the discussion table on the topic “Energy efficiency in buildings”. During the meeting, the new laws on energy efficiency and performance, the energy certification of buildings, […]


Energy Game with Tirana’s citizens

On December 6, 2017, the game “Let’s know more about energy” took place at “Rinia Park” in Tirana. Numerous citizens joined the awareness-raising game held by two organizations, EcoAlbania and EDEN Center. The game was designed in the form of the “Energy wheel” that contained different sections. Each section corresponded a question from our everyday […]


New initiatives for energy efficiency in Tirana

Roundtable discussion with representatives from Tirana Municipality, Municipal Council and experts. A meeting with representatives of Tirana Municipality, Municipal Council and experts on energy efficiency in Tirana was held on December 1st, 2017. The participants were introduced to some of the data from the study conducted by EcoAlbania and EDEN Center on “energy poverty” and […]


Energy Talk with experts and youth in Tirana

Tirana, September 28th, 2017. During a meeting organized by EcoAlbania in Tirana, Mr. Gjergji Simaku, Head of Renewables and Energy Efficiency Policy at the Ministry of Energy and Industry, Mr. Erjon Tase, Executive Director of the Academy of Political Studies, EcoAlbania and EDEN Centre staff members introduced the problematic and ongoing work regarding efficient use of […]