#Protect water – protect water

We all need water to survive, but without healthy rivers, lakes and lagoons, there is no water.

Water resources in Europe are protected by EU legislation, but many member state governments want to weaken these laws. Together we must stop this.

The European Commission is now asking for your opinion through a public consultation. This is your only chance to tell them to enforce water laws.

We have prepared answers that would ensure compliance with the hard water law, to send to the European Commission on your behalf.

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What’s the problem?

According to recent data, 60% of Europe’s rivers, streams, lakes and wetlands are unhealthy. For decades we have destroyed, polluted and used water irresponsibly.

If we continue this way, it will affect everything from the little things in everyday life that we take for granted to the future of entire industries. It will also affect the countless creatures that need these ecosystems to survive.

EU Water Law protects our water resources but member governments want to weaken it.

Act now: ask the European Commission to keep this law strong.

Who do we blame:

Everyone has a role to play, but our governments are allowing rivers, lakes and wetlands to be exploited in ways that cause permanent damage. For example, dams and other infrastructure (for hydropower plants, flood protection, etc.), interrupt the natural flow of the river and stop the reproduction of living things. On the other hand, inappropriate agriculture pollutes and overuses water.

Through the EU Water Law, governments have agreed to put an end to this destruction, but they have failed to keep their promises and moreover want to weaken this law.

Act now: ask the European Commission to keep this law strong.

What is the solution:

Stopping these injuries cannot be done without strong legislation. In Europe, we have a strong law that protects our rivers, lakes, wetlands, streams, coastal waters and groundwater, which is the EU Water Framework Directive. It also ensures that by 2027, the water resources that have been damaged will be brought back to life.

But as you read, governments are trying to weaken this law. This would be a major blow to our rivers, lakes and wetlands, and everything that depends on them.

Act now: ask the European Commission to keep this law strong.

A world without beer?

Many things go into making your favorite beer, but it all starts with good quality water. However, water resources in Europe are deteriorating at an alarming rate.