Roundtable discussion about energy efficiency topics with building administrators

Energy efficiency in buildings brought together representatives of the Tirana Municipality, administrators of the buildings of the city of Tirana, as well as experts in the field of energy.

The participants were introduced to some of the key findings of the report “Assessment of energy performance in buildings through the concept of energy poverty” for the city of Tirana. Emphasis was placed on the results collected during the study conducted on the city’s families, including those in need. The weight of the electricity bill in relation to the monthly income and the use of electricity in the studied sample aroused interest among the attendees.

Erjon Tase, Executive Director of the Academy of Political Studies, introduced the attendees to the two laws on energy efficiency and performance in buildings, as well as the national objectives that Albania has pledged to meet by 2030. He explained some of the concrete measures that the administrators of buildings can undertake to increase performance and energy saving in their buildings. “Thermal insulation of the building, central heating equipment, efficient household appliances, lighting of common spaces with LED lamps are some measures that can be taken both to increase energy efficiency and to save on the electricity bill” – he explained .

Participants during the presentations (c) M. Mahmuti/EcoAlbania

Ms. Klodiana Bici, sector manager at the “General Directorate of Co-Owned Facilities, Administration of Administrative Units and Civil Emergencies” in Tirana Municipality, presented the 50:50 scheme for co-owned facilities in the city of Tirana, the “Community Fund” program, as well as the opportunities of benefit from this initiative. The 50:50 initiative of the Municipality of Tirana foresees the coverage of 50% of the amount of money needed for the realization of the thermal insulation of the buildings in the condominium in the city. The discussions focused on the application procedures for this fund, the possibilities of extension beyond 2018, as well as the coverage limit fund.

“The opening of calls from the Municipality of Tirana takes place at the beginning of each month, on the 1st – 20th. The application must be carried out by the administrators of the buildings near the relevant administrative units. Among the conditions that need to be fulfilled is an agreement document between the co-owners, where at least the agreement of 75% of the co-owners must be guaranteed” – explained Ms. Bike.

At the end of the meeting, Mrs. Bici has asserted that the law on the administration of buildings in co-ownership, being a law from 2009, still has problems. “We have reviewed it and created a draft for its improvement, where public hearings will be held in the future, and then it will be presented to the relevant institutions for approval.”

This meeting is organized by EcoAlbania within the project “Together – an eye for the environment” and is financially supported by the Swedish Embassy through the SENIOR-II program implemented by the Regional Center for the Environment – REC Albania.