Exploring the Ecological Corridor at Rrahman Çota Secondary School – Hotolisht

During the Environmental Education session at “Rrahman Çota” elementary school in Hotolisht (at the Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park)

Hotolisht, Librazhd, November 23, 2023. The children of “Rrahman Çota” school in Hotolisht near the Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park, took part in the first environmental education session on ecological corridors, thus marking the start of a fascinating journey that will be followed by 9 other schools, part of the ecological corridor Polis-Valamare-Rungajë-Moravë-Gramoz. The main purpose of these environmental education sessions is to introduce the concept of ecological corridors to children and make them aware of everyone’s role in facilitating the movement of wild animals through different habitats.

The lecture started with a presentation on the ecological corridors and the importance of a specific ecological corridor connecting Polis, Valamara, Rungaja, Morava, and Gramoz. These corridors act as vital pathways for different species, allowing them to migrate, seek food, find partners, and establish new territories. Through illustrative photos, they saw the difficulty many species face in our area when crossing roads due to habitat fragmentation. Understanding how human activities can negatively impact these corridors, such as infrastructure development or changes in land use, students will be more aware in the future to make decisions that encourage conservation efforts.

By building bridges instead of barriers within these ecological corridors, we can ensure that populations of wild animals thrive and preserve genetic diversity. It is through education and awareness that we can instill a sense of responsibility between future generations to protect and preserve these essential habitats for both current and future populations of wild animals.

Finally, our goal is not only to educate but also to inspire youth to become stewards of the environment. By encouraging a deep appreciation for the interconnectedness of nature and emphasizing the critical role played by ecological corridors like the one in Hotolisht, we hope to cultivate a generation that actively participates in the protection of our planet’s precious ecosystems.