Evaluation report: Recognition and use of environmental law by local actors in Albania

This report presents an assessment of the knowledge of local actors in 6 districts (Kukës, Shkodër, Korçë, Elbasan, Gjirokastër, Vlorë) on the environmental law package. The findings provided and presented in the study provide detailed information from the implementation of activities during the project such as: the distribution of questionnaires on which they have helped in building the database and analyzing the findings. Support was provided to local actors through the development of trainings in 6 randomly selected districts. The trainings are developed by addressing the package of environmental law at 3 levels: national legal framework, EU legislation, international agreements and conventions, with the aim of contributing to the improvement of their knowledge about environmental law.

This report was prepared in the framework of the project “Increasing Accountability through the implementation of Environmental Law in Albania”, implemented by the EcoAlbania Center and financed by the Open Society Foundation for Albania (OSFA).