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ENGONA – Environmental NGO Network in Albania

ENGONA – Environmental NGO Network in Albania, aims to bring together the environmental NGOs in Albania which share a common interest in the protection of the environment.

Due to the lack of collaboration between those NGOs, a solution would be the elimination of fragmentarization between them and an increase in the cooperation. It is often seen that the voice of the civil society organizations is missing due to a lack of funding or lack of activities. Therefore, if they merge together in their causes they have a higher chance to fully implement their activities and get help in terms of financial ongoings as well as consultations in the way their infrastructure is built.

To eliminate the fragmentarization between environmental NGOs and to create a friendly collaboration atmosphere between them.

The overall objective
Specific Objective 1

Create a network platform of NGOs operating in the field of environment.

Specific Objective 2

Create 4 thematic networks under the sector of protection of environment.

Specific Objective 3

Technical help towards the thematic networks for advocacy related activities regarding common environmental issues.

This project would be a positive practice in Albania under the shared common interests between NGOs in environmental issues. Through this initiative an increase in the common advocacies and activities is expected to increase, as well as greater collaboration between those NGOs that operate under the same topic. Due to the fact that they will be categorized based on areas of operation and shared causes, this novelty of common initiatives would become a reality resulting in more powerful campaigns, collaborations and a wider scope of protection of a given environmental issue.

Project duration

October 2021- January 2023

*This project is implemented by EcoAlbania in collaboration with Albanian Center for Environmental Governance (ACEG) and Institute for Public Policies and Good Governance (IPPM), with the financial support of LëvizAlbania – a project of the Swiss Agency for Development and collaboration.