Declaration for the protection of the river Vjosa by the local Community

This statement was drawn up in the framework of the tour of meetings with the local community of the Vjosa valley, “Vjosa Tour” carried out in the period December 2014-March 2015, as part of the campaign “To save the blue heart of Europe” by EcoAlbania. This constitutes a document where the residents of the local communities of Çarshova, Petrani, Piskova, Përmet, Tepelena, Memaliaj, Qesarat, Anvjosa, Selenica, etc. by signing it, they have expressed their will against the construction of dams along the Vjosa River, as according to them this would constitute the final destruction of this great asset that for them has incomparable economic, historical, social and natural values. EcoAlbania, in the role of facilitator of this initiative, has sent to the Prime Minister the joint will of NGOs expressed through an official statement.

Among other things, this statement states: “We, the residents of the Vjosa valley, ask the Prime Minister of our country, Mr. Edi Rama, and the Albanian Government to stop the hydropower projects and instead declare Vjosa a National Park, according to international standards of IUCN”.

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