The group “To protect the rivers”, request for a moratorium on HPPs

In July 2015, the group “Protecting the rivers” was created, consisting of environmental organizations: INCA, REC Albania, EDEN Center, Ekolëvizja, EcoAlbania, Mileukontakt Albania, Association for Organic Agriculture, Institute for Environmental Policies, EPER Center. The purpose of the grouping is to protect Albania’s rivers from the uncontrolled development of energy projects.

In the public appearance for the first time, the group “To protect the rivers” in a press conference, announced that in order to realize protection and management with pro-environmental criteria and pro-sustainable development, it has taken the initiative to request a moratorium on the ban on construction of hydropower plants in the rivers of Albania for a period of 3 years.

The moratorium is required for the prohibition of the granting of concession licenses for HPPs in the entire territory of the country. This moratorium will serve to analyze the current situation of concessions and the conditions of their implementation in accordance with the legal requirements of the development of the territory as well as the requirements of sustainable environmental development.

More specifically, during the moratorium period, it will be necessary to review, suspend and cancel all licenses granted to date in protected areas and sensitive river areas with high natural potentials with the presence of natural monuments in them. The revision of the hydraulic works on the Vjose River, the HPP of Kalivaci, Lengarica and Bënca are a priority, since the Prime Minister of the country has expressed the government’s commitment to turn the Vjosa River into a National Park.

But not only on the Vjosë River, as there are still concessions not implemented and affecting the protected natural areas such as the Valbona River, the Shebenik-Jablanica National Park, the Korabi area, the Tomorri mountain area, etc. . We are not “against” the development of society, the improvement of the living conditions of the community for the effective use of natural resources, but we are against development without criteria that brings catastrophic consequences in the way natural resources are managed.

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