Celebrating World Environmental Education Day: Exploring the Snowy Splendor of Shebenik-Jabllanicë National Park

Dorëz, Librazhd, January 26, 2024. Students from the “Shefqet Dosku” school collaborated with EcoAlbania and RAPA Elbasan staff to participate in the reforestation efforts of the “Shebenik-Jabllanicë” National Park. As part of the “World Day of Environmental Education,” they worked together to plant fir seedlings in the park and further engaged in an exploration of the snowy mountain terrain of “Qafë Shapke” through hiking.

In addition to being an awareness raising activity, this practical experience provided students with knowledge about the survival of seedlings in low temperatures and the importance of planting native trees at the right season.

As for environmental education topics, the focus was on the role that ecological corridors play in ensuring the preservation of natural areas they connect. Furthermore, students were sensitized to their importance in protecting the habitat and biodiversity of wild animals. Ecological corridors, as life pathways, aid in environmental conservation and serve as protective lines of the diversity of wildlife.

A special stop was at Qafë Shapkë, where students enjoyed the view and learned more about the park’s species. The breathtaking sight of snow-covered mountains made this adventure an unforgettable experience. Students had the opportunity to experience the snowfall during their journey, adding even more pleasure to this outdoor experience.

World Environmental Education Day is celebrated on 26 January. Its main goal is to identify environmental issues both globally and locally and to raise awareness about the need for participation in order to conserve and protect the environment, mitigating the various levels of impact caused by climate change.