Albanian artists unite in a song to protect Albania’s rivers

The green song “Lum Lumi i Lirë”!

The green song “Lum Lumi i Lirë” tries to contribute to the causes for the protection of the Valbona River and the last wild river in Europe, the Vjosa.

Albanian and international musicians, producers, musicologists, historians and artists: Elina Duni, Eda Zari, Linda Rukaj, Rhani Krija, Vlashent Sata, Emiljano Dhimo, Shpat Deda, Gert Kapo, Henning Jung, Kleidi Eski, Sokol Çunga, Mikaela Minga, all together, collaborated to realize the song and video “Lum Lumi i Lirë”. This song (an initiative of the duo Duni – Zari) was born as a need to spread information about the systematic injustices that are being done to rivers and nature, as well as to support the protesting voice of the residents near the areas of these rivers.

At the same time, the song serves to strengthen the awareness of the issue throughout our society.

Music is omnipresent and comprehensive in our lives. It stimulates pleasure in the brain and in the emotional state. Especially the song is always present in everyone’s daily life. Music, song, is not only an entertainment medium or an element that brings us together to have fun. The song is an excellent effective tool, through which information is transmitted on issues of nature and what is happening with it, on life or social problems. Can we change the world with a song? No, but a song changes the outlook and perception of each of us!

A song supports, inspires, saves, gives hope. The concerns and the will to create a protest song derive from the level of awareness of the irreversible evil that is happening in Valbone, in Vjosa, or what is happening with the water, air, nature, the Albanian land, but also for the nature of the whole world. This song gives “ZA” for healing, to the public, to leave everyone with an echo of awareness.

In “Lum Lumi i Lire” the artists consciously took the initiative not only to produce music, not only to teach the call: “We don’t want pipes, we don’t want dams, we don’t want obstacles and ambushes, we want every human being good to call: Lum Lumi i Lire!”, but they created a song that has an even higher purpose: Where there are rivers, there is always a reason to build bridges on which we walk and embrace each other’s troubles. It is an attempt to unite and solidarize activists, associations, such as those pro-Valbona and Vjosa, but also any individual who works and is concerned about the existence and values of our society. On the other hand, the song wants to spread the message that there is no nature, river, air, earth to be treated like a mother and a stepmother. In a non-partisan manner and only by making a concentrated but united effort can the wrong decision-makers and their ill-fated plans be defeated. Will we be able to become aware of a great truth that, neither in the near future, nor in the far future, will there ever be a second Albania with this nature like the one we have? So let’s protect it. This is the appeal of artists as volunteers, citizens, colleagues, compatriots, above all as PEOPLE.

Fuqia e muzikës për ngritjen e vetëdijes.

Mos harro të thërrasësh: Lum Lumi i lirë!


Lum Lumi i lirë! ( Lirika)

O Valbonë me Shtojzovalle,

që këndon tek zbret ndër male,

ujin duan të ta shterin,

shtratin duan të ta bjerrin.

O moj Vjosë valë-valë,

zonjë e rëndë, ti zonjë e rrallë,

vrullin duan të ta presin,

trupin duan të ta shesin.

Lumi qante lumin, ti dhe unë nuk bzajmë

ç’qe ky fat hajdut që na zhvat nam e nishan.

(Refren) S’duam tuba, s’duam diga,

s’duam pengesa dhe prita.

Duam çdo njeri i mirë të thërrasë:

Lum Lumi i Lirë!

Lumi vajton lumin, Valbonë shtatdhunuar,

si në përrallë murosur o nuse gji zbuluar.

Thellë në shtrat o Vjosë zë rrënjë betonimi,

kujë, mall e qumësht, si në legjendë murimi.

Kush është sot vërtetë shqiptar

Shqipen s’e nxjerr në pazar, por thotë:

“Mos vendos për mu, diga mbi lumenj nuk du!”


Music by: Elina Duni & Eda Zari © reserved by Duni & Zari

Lyrics by: Sokol Çunga & Eda Zari

Produced by: Henning Jung, Gert Kapo, Rhani Krija – Cologne / Germany.

Visuals & Video: Concept & Video produced by Kleidi Eski / Light & Moving Prod.

Vocal: Elina Duni, Eda Zari, Linda Rukaj, Vlashent Sata, Shpat Deda

All percussions: Rhani Krija Piano, Fender Rhodes: Gert Kapo Drums: Emiljano Dhimo Bass: Henning Jung Mixing and Sound: Henning Jung Arrangements: Gert Kapo

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Photo by Kleidi Eski

The text for the press release from Eda ZARI