What you can offer the EU is nature

By Ola Mitre/ Gazeta Shqiptare

Ulirch Eichelmann near the river Vjosa, in Qesarat. (c) P. Bethge

He has spent his whole life in the protection of rivers, while recently he turned his eyes to Albania. From the first moment he saw Vjosa, he was surprised by her and promised to protect her from the destruction threatened by the construction of 8 hydropower plants. Ulirch Eichelmann, the German, who has recently been honored with an international award for the protection of nature, tells “Gazeta Shqiptare” the plan he has for establishing a national park along the Vjosa valley. The representative of the “RiverWatch” organization dedicated the end of last year to meetings with the residents of Përmet and Çarshova, explaining to them the importance of this rare natural resource. “The Vjosa is one of the only wild rivers left in Europe and as such it must be protected,” he emphasizes, among other things.

You can read the full interview, published on Balkanweb, here (in Albanian)

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