Vjosa is the valley that unites people

The Vjosa River is one of the last natural rivers in Europe. Throughout its course of more than 270 kilometers, the river is untouched and free-flowing, with a variety of hydro-morphological features. Together with its tributaries, Vjosa constitutes a dynamic almost natural ecosystem, rare for Europe. The Vjosa Valley lies in the south of Albania at an average height of 855 m.n.d. The hydrographic network of the river system of Vjosa flows through the pre-mountain and mountain massifs, with a maximum height of over 2600 m.n.d.

The construction of HPPs is the current biggest threat in this area. A total of about 42 HPPs are planned in the Vjosa catchment in Albania. The construction of dams is the most destructive intervention that can result in irreversible consequences in the environment, ultimately damaging the natural integrity of this unique ecosystem. HPPs obstruct fish migration routes, transport of sediments and constitute one of the main factors of microclimatic changes.


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