Engagement Tour: Fostering Collaboration and Project Presentation Across Six Municipalities

A journey of collaboration began with a series of meetings across the six municipalities located within ‘Polis-Valamare-Rungaje-Moravë-Gramoz’” Ecological Corridor. This tour marked the initial phase of the effort to enhance the area’s ecological connectivity while identifying and engaging its relevant communities and stakeholders.

The primary goal of this tour was to identify key partners who play a crucial role in the project’s success. The meetings aimed to establish personal connections, understand each stakeholder’s perspective, and reveal the project’s planned actions within the ecological corridor. Throughout this two-day tour, we had the privilege to engage with a diverse array of representatives.

On the first day of the tour, we had a fruitful discussion with the Director of the Regional Administration of Protected Areas, Elbasan Mr. Brazhda. Subsequent meetings included insightful dialogues with municipality representatives such as Mr. Aleksander Brazhda of Librazhd Municipality, Mrs. Lindita Kokonozi, Mr. Leonard Loshi of Prrenjas Municipality, and Mr. Arben Braho of Pogradec Municipality.

The discussions extended to representatives from NGOs, including Mr. Ruzhdi Hymetllari from NGO Pogradec and Mr. Iljon Thanasi of Korca Alpin NGO.

The second day of the tour engaging conversations took place with Mr. Faik Leshi of Gramsh Municipality and the Director of the Regional Administration of Protected Areas Bera Mr. Nakot.The tour concluded with an exchange of ideas with Mr. Besnik Demko, Director of Forest Management Directorate, Skrapar Municipality.

These meetings set the stage for forthcoming initiatives, including an official launch of the project, capacity-building and awareness events.