Top Channel: 9 dams on the Vjosa, the government presents the project amid environmental protests

On Wednesday, the government presented to investors the potential of the Vjosa river for the construction of hydropower works. The Ministry of Energy says that the study carried out by a foreign company envisages the construction of 9 hydropower plants along the course of the river.

The first contract was signed in 1997, while the second project for which the government has opened the tender for awarding a 35-year concession is that of Pocem.

Prime Minister Rama had declared that the government would preserve the natural habitat of Vjosa. “We have another plan for Vjosa, that of the natural park, and of course we cannot turn back the hydropower plants that are under construction. But, from the high Kalivaçi, we will not allow any hydropower plant to be built”, declared Rama.

Now the government says this is just a study by a company contracted by it anyway. “There is a study by a foreign studio to have 9 hydropower plants in this network”, declared the Deputy Minister of Energy, Gëzim Musabelli.

You can find the full article published by Top Channel here.

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