Call for Application: Training for Cross-border Dialogue – Youth Collaboration for Transboundary Dinaric Alps


This project aims at creating cooperation bridges among the youngsters of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. EcoAlbania in partnership with ERA NGO from Kosovo and Green Home from Montenegro, in order to reach this goal, will develop a range of activities with youngsters between 18 and 24 years old. 15 participants will attend some trainings and summer schools at the National Park “Bjeshkët e Nemuna” – National “Prokletije” – Albanian Alps. They will learn more about the regional nature, culture and economy and nature conservation challenges.


The specific objective is to grow environmental awareness on the protection and promotion of the cross-border area of Bjeshkët e Nemuna / Prokletije / Albanian Alps.

What will you learn?

We are trying to change how the next generation, youth, interpret challenges in the Bjeshkët e Nemuna / Prokletije / Albanian Alps area. For this reason, this project will bring youth together through a virtual platform and in-person to discuss such challenges. By meeting virtually and in-person, youth will be exposed to two effective options for collaboration with which they can use to work on the challenges after the project concludes. This project will frame all conservation challenges by shared environmental, cultural, and economic values and opportunities.

The key issues affecting youth and intercultural regional cooperation regarding conservation are:

1) the exchange of information, 2) threats posed to nature conservation and 3) lack of youth collaboration for shared causes.

What will you gain?

You will be more prepared for careers that require transboundary collaboration such as conservation, management, and policy.

Who can participate?

  • Youth from northern Albania, western Kosovo, and eastern Montenegro
  • Age from 18 – 24
  • Good English language skills from all applicants

Our target group will have equal female and male participation.

What would be your commitment?

  • You need to commit to be available for a residential training session of 9 days on May-June 2020 (3 days in Montenegro, 4 days in Kosovo, 2 days in Albania).
  • You further need to be available to do 2-3 online webinars on February-April 2020 of approximately 2 hours each.
  • You need to be prepared to commit your time to share and disseminate the knowledge and skills gained during the program, and prepared to work as a team.

How do I apply?

  • Complete the online application form available here

Deadline for applications: 22 January 2020, 12:00 AM.


No cost for successful applicants. All costs will be covered by organizers

This activity is organized with the support of the Regional Youth Cooperation Office – RYCO. Its content is the sole responsibility of EcoAlbania and its partners and does not necessarily present the views of RYCO.