The wonderful trip to the “Vehbi Shehu” school in Bicaj of Kukës

Bicaj, Kukës, April 8th, 2024. Among the beautiful nature and vibrant colors of spring, the sixth-grade students at the “Vehbi Shehu” school in Bicaj experienced an unforgettable day through conversations and interactive games. During this unique session, they had the opportunity to express their thoughts on global and local environmental issues while enriching their knowledge with information shared by the education team during the theoretical session on environmental education.

They eagerly awaited the hands-on part of the environmental class, where they learned about the concept of static electricity using just a few balloons. This activity was both fun and educational for them. Additionally, the activity, which was conducted in pairs, encouraged cooperation between students and fostered imagination and critical thinking.

Based on the environmental issues identified around their living areas, the students were encouraged to think about practical solutions and received advice on how to protect the environment and improve their behavior for a cleaner environment and untouched nature.

The school staff also welcomed the activity, expressing their interest in continuing this valuable initiative of environmental education in schools.