Youth of Dinaric Alps – together for the protection of the Transboundary Area

February – April 2020. In the first phase of project “Cross-border Dialogue – Youth Cooperation for Transboundary Dinaric Alps” 15 young people, between 18 and 24 years old, from Albania, Kosovo, and Montenegro became part of 3 online trainings. Three partner NGOs, EcoAlbania in Albania, ERA in Kosovo and Green Home in Montenegro aim to raise awareness and encourage area’s youth to collaborate and share their experiences on the protection of the environment and promotion of a cross-border area as a unique park.

Project team experts have informed youngsters from the Dinaric Alps area on the issues of tourism, environment and culture of the cross-border area. In the first session, they gained knowledge and exchanged information about mountain tourism, its trends and the demands of tourists, the impact of tourism on the environment, biodiversity values, natural assets, spiritual and cultural heritage, etc. The second session was focused on the challenges of conservation in the Transboundary Dinaric Alps area and how this is it achieved, they discussed economic development of the area, the concept of ecosystem services as a basis for human survival, the current situation with natural assets in the region in relation to development, and the concept of a Blue Economy. While in the last session, youngsters were encouraged to create sustainable groups for sharing experiences and challenges they face in the area where they live.

During the online training. (c) EcoAlbania

During these trainings, there was a high interest by young people to learn more about the Transboundary Dinaric Alps and their drafted recommendations, as well opportunities for further cooperation and sustainable development of the area.

Online trainings will be followed by summer school, which will be organized in the coming few months. The summer school will last 9 days, and there will be 2 days in Albania, 3 days in Montenegro and 4 days in Kosovo.

General information: The project “Cross-border Dialogue – “Youth Collaboration for Transboundary Dinaric Alps” aims at creating cooperation bridges among the youngsters of Albania, Kosovo and Montenegro. Through our project we are trying to change how the next generation, youth, interpret challenges in the Bjeshkët e Namuna / Prokletije / Albanian Alps area. EcoAlbania, in partnership with ERA NGO from Kosovo and Green Home from Montenegro, in order to reach this goal, will develop a range of activities with youngsters between 18 and 24 years old.