Civil Society Organizations appeal to the Government: Do not take any decision without ensuring transparency and participation

The letter sent to the Prime Minister Edi Rama, the President of the Republic Ilir Meta, the Speaker of the Parliament of Albania Gramoz Ruçi from WWF Adria and 10 NGOs contains recommendations for accelerating the steps towards a green economy. Organizations seek to limit decisions that are not urgent for the health and safety of the population.

TIRANA, May 6, 2020 – Full transparency and good governance are paramount in these times so that human rights, the rule of law and democratic decision-making in our society are not violated, is the message sent to the Albanian government today by WWF and partner organizations. Civil Society Organizations are aware of the extreme conditions in which the government is working. However, they ask the government to postpone any decision-making that is not immediately related to the health and safety of people, for which full participation and transparency cannot be ensured at this time.

The Vjosa river in the middle course (c) G. Subic

In the letter addressed to the Prime Minister, the President and the Speaker of the Assembly as well as for the information of the Minister of Tourism and Environment and the Minister of Infrastructure and Energy, WWF, INCA, EcoVolis, Milieukontakt Albania, REC Albania, AIC Shkodra, EDEN, EcoAlbania, SHBO, PPNEA , TOKA, bring to the attention of decision-makers some recommendations that accelerate the transformation towards a climate-friendly economy that respects the environment and renews nature, health and well-being. Organizations recommend that:

  • To support and strengthen the implementation and financing of existing environmental standards and policies to address the climate crisis, biodiversity loss and environmental pollution.
  • Invest more in raising awareness and education about human rights, sustainable development and nature protection, strengthening our society to face the challenges of the future.
  • Enable the distribution of stimulus funds and relief measures according to conditions, in line with the European Green Deal and the Paris Agreement, in order to drive the transformation of our economy towards sustainability.
  • To initiate broad and sustainable initiatives in accordance with the public interest.
  • Provide support to (local) civil society organizations.

The letter sent to the Prime Minister, the President and the Speaker of the Assembly of the Republic of Albania can be found HERE

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