How to appeal to the court – Training of local CSOs

On October 5, 2016, the training “The right to go to court for environmental issues” took place, part of the series of trainings developed within the HELP-CSO project (Strengthening of Horizontal Legislation and Promotion of CSOs). The topic of the training was related to the training of local organizations in access to justice and the right to go to court for environmental issues. The training was conceived based on an analysis made about the lack of knowledge that CSOs have on horizontal legislation, the report of which will be published at the end of the project.

During the training of local CSOs. (c) LexFerenda

The participants in the training, mainly from civil society, business and the Përmet Municipality, expressed interest in more in-depth knowledge on the right to go to court, as well as practiced working in groups to complete an Information Request Form and Complaint Form by selecting a certain problem. During the month of October, 2016, the knowledge obtained by the participants will be tested through a questionnaire to then identify the level of training of the trainees.

The organizations asked for more cooperation with the project, which has as a priority the provision of free legal assistance for environmental issues that will be identified during its 1-year period. Part of the training was a field visit, near the HPP of Lanagarica, where practical methods of measuring water parameters were demonstrated, helping CSOs to facilitate their monitoring processes.

This training was developed by Lex Ferenda, Milieukontakt Albania and EcoAlbania within the ACHIEVE project, implemented by REC Albania and financed by the Delegation of the European Union to Albania.

By Odeta Jahaj / LexFerenda

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