Civil society against the resort in Divjakë: Stop urbanization of the park

The Coalition of Civil Society in Defense of the Divjakë-Karavasta National Park reacted today in a press release against the project of the Mabetex Group company for the construction of a resort in the Divjakë Protected Park.

“The Coalition of Civil Society in Defense of the Divjakë-Karavasta National Park expresses great concern about the construction of an urban complex in the heart of the park and the destruction of its values, as a Ramsar area, part of the Emerald network, an important area for nesting and food for birds, as an epicenter of biological diversity and as a Protected Area of Albania. The urbanization named as the Divjakë Resort Albania master plan and proposed in today’s form to the Albanian authority by the Mabetex Group company is nothing but a construction project in a protected area that seeks to privately benefit from a national asset preserved for centuries and sanctioned in several legal acts that have their origin since 1964. The construction project requires the occupation and destruction of 10% of the park’s territory, while the accompanying infrastructure consisting of roads, lighting, electrical grid, breakwaters and other activities will affect on 100% of its surface,” said Valbona Mazreku.

This was the request of the civil society coalition in defense of the Divjakë-Karavasta Park. At the press conference, Valbona Mazreku, representative of the civil society, also explained the reasons why they oppose the Divjakë Resort master plan.

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