Second court session of Managed Natural reserves/Natural parks (category IV)

The second court session was convened regarding the Decision of the Council of Ministers (DCM) no. 60, dated 26.1.2022, “On the Proclamation of Natural Ecosystems, Natural Reserves/Managed Natural Parks (Category IV),” in the Administrative Court of Appeal. Eleven Albanian Environmental Civil Society Organizations had taken legal action against public authorities to challenge the annulment of the decisions of the Council of Ministers no. 59 and no. 60.

During the session, the plaintiff’s side was represented by lawyer Franc Terihati CLE, lawyer Irena Dule Res Publica, and Besjana Shehu AOSALB.

However, on the defendant’s side, neither the Council of Ministers nor the National Council of the Territory had a representative present, and no counterclaims were presented.

Trupi gjykues ne seancen e dyte gjyqesore. (c)AOS

The legal proceedings had advanced through various stages, including the submission of:

a) The initial lawsuit.

b) Written shreds of evidence.

c) A request to specify the subject of the claim, opposing the revision of the surfaces, boundaries, and status of the areas, which encompassed Bredhi i Sotires, Korab-Koritnik, Qafeshtame, Syri i Kaltër, Bredhi i Kardhiqit, Gërmenj, Karaburun, Kune-Vain-Tale, Patok – Fushëkuqe – Ishëm, Shkodra Lake, and the removal of 10 other areas.

d) A request for the execution of the act of exertion.

e) Additional submissions related to the legitimization of non-profit organizations. It’s noteworthy that the Council of Ministers and the National Council of the Territory were also absent during this session. Additionally, the State Bar submitted a request to summon the Ministry of Tourism and Environment and the National Agency of Protected Areas as third parties. Today’s session was adjourned due to the recent additional submissions related to the legitimization of non-profit organizations, which were filed on 23.02.2023 but had not been forwarded to the judge by the secretariat.

Consequently, the court assumed responsibility for notifying the Council of Ministers and the National Council of the Territory.

The activities are part of the “NGOs for Biodiversity Conservation” project, supported by #GreenAL. Funding for this project comes from the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA), with contributions from the Swedish Government. The project is implemented by Co-PLAN Institute for Habitat Development, in collaboration with CISP Sviluppo dei Popoli, VIS Albania, and COSV – Cooperazione per lo Sviluppo.

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