Species Action Plan for the Albanian Water Frog presented in Vlora

After a hard work to study the Albanian Frog – an endemic species found only in the Adriatic Bay, today we presented together with experts of biodiversity, agriculture and tourism the “Action Plan for the conservation of the species Pelophylax shqipericus (Albanian Frog)“.

A series of meetings with local actors were held in cooperation with the Regional Administration of Protected Areas, Vlorë at the Visitor Center in Radhima where was discussed about detailed document as well as further steps on how to implement the proposed measurements.  The meetings took place on June 29 and July 7-8, 2020, with the local institutions, local NGOs, farmers and tour operators in the municipality of Vlora.

During the presentation of the Species Action Plan to the local actors (c) S. Kruja, R. Shahini, B. Guri / EcoAlbania

The Albanian Water Frog is an endemic species of the Balkans that it is found only on the Adriatic bay starting from Ulcinj in Monte Negro to Vlora Bay in Albania. She palys an important role in the ecosystem ensuring the balence on the food chain, helping Protects agricultural crops.

It plays a very important role in the ecosystem by providing balances in the food network, helping to protect crops from pest invertebrate populations, nutrient circulation and serving as an indicator of the quality of the environment in which it is found.

But due to habitat loss, agricultural intensification and illegal collection, the Albanian Frog population is endangered (listed in the IUCN red list) and the need to take measures to preserve it is immediate.

The project “Conservation actions for the Albanian water frog (Pelophylax shqipericus) in Vlora Bay” is supported by Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund