Future policy makers discuss energy efficiency issues

EcoAlbania has started a series of meetings on “Policies for energy efficiency and performance in Albania” with members of the youth forums of the main parties in the country. On 22.06.2018 in a meeting organized by EcoAlbania in Tirana with the participation of the youth of the Eurosocialist Youth Forum of Albania (FRESSH), representatives of EcoAlbania and the EDEN Center and Mr. Erjon Tase from the Academy of Political Studies discussed legislation, policies for energy efficiency and performance, as well as the problems that exist related to their implementation.

This meeting was held following public education on energy issues in our country. The members of the forum were first introduced to the Environmental Vigilance Network, the project “Together – One eye for the environment”, the work done so far, as well as some of the key findings of the Study on Energy Poverty in the City of Tirana.

Of interest was the research work developed by the Environmental Vigilance Network in five cities of Albania for the assessment of the energy poverty situation. The methodology used, the collection of data in the field, the groups studied and the processing of the data were details on which the young people were informed and further discussed. Likewise, young people expressed interest in the topics of diversification of energy sources, creation of new infrastructure for a sustainable production, as well as concrete opportunities that Albania offers for the production of solar and wind energy.

During the meeting with the members of FRESSh.
(c) V.Kabili

Expert Erjon Tase discussed with the attendees the implementation of legislation and measures for energy efficiency. “Diversification of energy sources is on the one hand basic for economic development by keeping prices under control and reducing costs for the consumer, and on the other hand by reducing the negative impact on the environment through the release of gases or damages that energy production brings only through the construction of hydropower plants”. he said. Mr. Tase emphasized the legislation related to energy efficiency and performance, as well as the problems and delays in their approval and implementation.

The importance of existing legislation, the strengthening of its implementation, the improvement of policies related to energy and environmental issues, the inclusion of these topics in the program of the Socialist Party, as well as their engagement as future policy makers in this context were at the center of the discussions that followed.

In continuation of the education campaign with future policy makers, EcoAlbania will hold meetings with the youth of the Youth Movement for Integration (LRI) and the Youth Forum of the Democratic Party (FRPD) to discuss the existing legislation, the needs for its improvement, as and the inclusion of environmental and energy issues in their parties’ programs for the upcoming elections.

E. Tase, Executive Director of the Academy of Political Studies presenting the issues of implementing the legislation. (c) V.Kabili

This meeting was organized by EcoAlbania within the project “Together – an eye for the environment” and is financially supported by the Swedish Embassy through the SENiOR-II program implemented by the Regional Center for the Environment – REC Albania.