Panorama: “The dragon” that is taking over the rivers of Albania

By Ndue Dedaj

We all hope that tomorrow’s Albania will be better and more successful. Pjeter Budi compared her to heaven, Naim Frashëri wanted to live and see her as a lady. But, as things are going and with what our eyes are seeing, tomorrow our country will have lost the only natural wealth left so far without being completely destroyed by the transition, the rivers, from the South to the North, than for the plains it’s been a long time since their broken ribs, the beds, from devouring inerts.

View from the Vjosa river. (c) EcoAlbania

There will be no more blue streams like “eyes”, waterfalls, canyons, gorges, hepes, zallanas, fish, but only large steel pipes that convey the “underground” water from the dams to the turbines of countless hydropower plants.

It is not only Valbona that is thankfully being strongly reacted to, but also Vjosa, Mati, as Fani has already lost meaning, if only due to the fact that Fani I Vogël has been diverted by means of a tunnel that flows into the mouth of the new hydropower plants on Great Fan, as Devolli has not been left untouched.

The full article published by Panorama can be found here (only in Albanian).

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