Video messages of Solar in Kutë initiative’ supporters

The “Solar in Kutë” initaitave aims to create the first solar  village in Albania (in Kutë, Mallakastër), starting with the installation of the PV panels in the rooftops of 5 public buildings. Kutë village is one of the most affected villages from the Poçem HPP and its community is known for their resistance against this hydropower plant. Thus this project would give them the opportunity to produce solar power to fulfill this energy needs without destroying their river. 

The campaign is supported by the local community, and friends of Vjosa. Find below their video messages: 

Kutë village could be a symbol not only for Albania but for all the Balkan! Follow the video message from Ulrich Eichelmann, the CEO of Riverwatch our partner for Solar in Kute project on why Solar is the better alternative for Albania!

Hydropower plants do not just destroy a river and it’s biodiversity, they also affect the daily lives of communities living not only next to the river but WITH THE RIVER. Listen to Barjam for more, on the consequences of building the dam in his village.

Join Irisa’s call from Kutë and donate for Solar in Kutë. She tells you more about the huge impact of solar energy on the local community of Kutë village. Together we can do so much!

The Head of Project Unit from EuroNatur shares more on the solar energy benefits for the Kutë community and the consequences of building hydropower plants on the Vjosa river. Vjosa is your river too!

Vjosa is a miracle! Follow the video of Guri Islami, a resident of Kuta who talks about the importance of the Vjosa and how the community lives WITH THE RIVER. Vjosa has a special and essential place in the daily life of the Kuta community.

Well-known journalist Ben Andoni joins our Solar in Kutë campaign. Support Solar Energy, which can be the future of energy not only for Kutë communitty but also for Albania.

Our Communication Officer Besjana Guri shares her views on the untapped potential of solar energy in Albania.


Help the Kutë community to save their lands and river and become the first solar village in Albania. Be part of this initiative and help us protect the Vjosa river.