Learning about Renewable Energy: An Environmental Education Day at Lëvizja Demokratike School in Hoxharë

January 16, 2024, Hoxharë, Fier. The environmental education session at “Lëvizja Demokratike” school unfolded as a delightful discovery. The children at this school embody environmental principles, demonstrating an admirable commitment to sustainable living. In this educational session, theoretical and practical aspects were combined, including the construction of a paper windmill and the development of educational games.

In the theoretical part, the importance of using renewable energy was emphasized. The children shared their experiences with using solar energy in their homes, highlighting how this choice positively contributes to the environment. To make concepts around renewable resources more understandable, we collectively built a paper windmill and discussed its functionality.

To wrap up the day in the great outdoors, we played interactive games such as “Fishing Net,” “Imitations,” etc., ensuring that the educational experience was not only informative but also entertaining.

We thank “Lëvizja Demokratike” school for their collaboration and active participation in this environmental initiative. Let’s walk together towards a greener and more sustainable future!